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Sending stickers to your friends over iMessage is cool, but do you know what's even cooler? Sending stickers that you made yourself!

Sticker Doodle is an app for creating your own stickers that can then be sent to anyone via iMessage. That's what Sticker Doodle is all about, and you're just a tap away from sending your very best finger paintings! Got an iPad? Get serious about your Sticker Doodles with an Apple Pencil, too. Want to turn your favorite photo into sticker? Sticker Doodle does that, too!

Features include:

  • Support for using a finger to draw anything on-screen and turning it into a sticker.
  • Apple Pencil support for those who want to get serious about their doodles.
  • The ability to turn any photo — or portion of a photo — into a sticker, including colorful borders and backgrounds.
  • WhatsApp support so you can export your stickers directly to WhatsApp.
  • Telegram support so you can export your stickers directly to Telegram.
  • Discord support so you can export your doodles as Discord stickers.
  • Slack support for exporting doodles as custom Slack emojis.
  • iCloud syncing support, so people can create stickers between their devices.
  • Editable images, so people can always make tweaks to existing stickers as well as create new ones.
  • Full light and dark mode support.
  • Support for sharing sticker files with your friends using AirDrop, Email, Messages, etc.

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